Carnegie Mellon University

Tenure-track Position in Software Engineering

The Institute for Software Research (ISR) in Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science (SCS) seeks candidates with outstanding academic credentials and compelling research vision for tenure-track faculty appointments. We enthusiastically encourage applicants across all areas of software engineering foundations and applications to apply. Areas of emphasis include:

  • Data-intensive, empirical, and search-based software engineering
  • Software architecture, frameworks, design, modeling
  • Software analysis and testing, including for adaptive/autonomous systems
  • Cyber physical systems and internet of things
  • Application focused research (health IT, medical devices, autonomy, etc.)

We are especially interested in candidates with diverse backgrounds and a demonstrated commitment to excellence and leadership in research, undergraduate and graduate teaching, and/or service towards building an equitable and diverse scholarly community. We particularly seek candidates with a demonstrated track record in mentoring and nurturing female and underrepresented minority students. We also seek candidates with industrial software experience. In keeping with the CRA best practices on evaluating scholarship, we pay close attention to a candidate’s educational contributions, research quality and impact as opposed to arbitrary numerical measures of productivity.  

The ISR is an academic department with more than thirty faculty members whose research portfolio includes software engineering, security and privacy engineering, Internet of Things, network analysis, mobile systems, and related topics. These topics build on core computer science, but also human and organizational behavior, and policy and business considerations. ISR hosts two PhD programs and several master’s programs including the Master in Software Engineering (MSE) program, with more than a hundred affiliated graduate students. The current portfolio of research topics in software engineering include architecture and resiliency, program analysis, software requirements, product lines and feature interaction, defect detection and repair, safe concurrency, software organizations, and other topics.

The School of Computer Science (SCS) at Carnegie Mellon is home to seven departments and over 200 tenure-track, research, and teaching faculty with expertise spanning traditional computer science, human computer interaction, language technology, machine learning, computational biology, software engineering, and robotics. The SCS offers a highly collaborative and uniquely interdisciplinary research environment that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship in both teaching and research.