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Software Engineering ABD/ABS Information

All But Dissertation, ABD, status is intended for students whose only remaining requirements are the completion and defense of their thesis. Once a student meets the departmental criteria [1], All But Dissertation status must be approved by the department in writing to

In order to meet the requirements for ABD/ABS in the Software Engineering PhD program all students must:

  1. Meet Star course requirements
  2. Meet Elective requirements
  3. Complete both (2) practicums
  4. TA two courses
  5. Speaking requirement approved
  6. Writing requirement approved
  7. Residency requirement of 4 semesters

Please note: Students who go ABS must pay for the cost of 5 units of tuition when they return to defend their thesis.

The cost of the units can be found at the HUB website. For specific details, please refer to the the University Doctoral Student Status Policy regarding ABD/ABS.

Software Research Seminar (SSSG)

Software Research Seminar Syllabus

The Software Research Seminar (SSSG) at CMU relies on active participation and a supportive community to
help students broaden their understanding of software research and hone their presentation skills. This
document briefly outlines our expectations for Software Engineering Ph.D. students with respect to SSSG.

General Expectations
A.  Attend both SSSG presentations each week

B.  Participate by asking questions, contributing to the discussion, and giving constructive verbal and written
feedback to presenters. Using an electronic device for purposes other than note-taking or feedback on the
presentation is considered to be non-participation.

C.  Give 3 well-prepared SSSG talks per year (2 if giving an approved talk in an outside venue)
The faculty recognizes that students may occasionally have conflicts with particular SSSG dates; in these
cases the Reasonable Person Principle applies. There may occasionally be a systematic conflict, such as an
overlapping course, in which case advance approval should be arranged with advisor and PhD Program
Director (but not more than once for any student). In the rare case when a student's participation or
presentations falls significantly below expectations, the faculty will require remedial action appropriate to the

PhD students in software engineering are required to register for this seminar on an ongoing basis, and all other graduate students are encouraged to attend.

The schedule is posted on the SSSG web page.