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Institute for Software Research

"Software, Systems, and Society”

ISR is one of the seven academic departments of the Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science (SCS). ISR hosts the SCS PhD programs in Software Engineering (SE) and Societal Computing (SC), along with six professional masters programs. We also host the undergraduate minor in software engineering.

Our research and educational programs focus on software engineering, privacy and security engineering, eBusiness, and societal computing.

ISR is home to approximately thirty faculty members, forty technical and administrative staff, forty PhD students (in the SE and SC programs), and more than one hundred MS students.

ISR faculty and students engage in research at the intersection of software, systems, and society. Here are some of the research areas we are known for:

  • Software architecture (Garlan, Shaw, Schmerl)
  • Social network analysis at scale (Carley, Pfeffer)
  • Software requirements (Breaux)
  • Energy and IoT systems (Agarwal, Kolter)
  • Socio-technical coordination (Herbsleb)
  • Program analysis (Aldrich, Kästner, LeGoues, Scherlis)
  • Mobile privacy and mobile commerce (Sadeh, Cranor)
  • Privacy science and engineering (Cranor, Sadeh, Bauer, Fredrikson)
  • Security engineering (Aldrich, Garlan, Cranor, Bauer, Fredrikson)
  • Software assurance and quality (Aldrich, Garlan, Kästner, LeGoues, Scherlis)

There are important features of our educational programs that we are known for:

  • PhD in software engineering
  • PhD in societal computing
  • Practicum-based professional masters programs
  • Learning-by-doing for eBusiness masters
  • Masters in information technology strategy
  • Scaling up the flipped classroom
  • Project-based courses